OMMS - On Map Military Strategy


OMMS battles have taken place on the furthest corners of the world. As well as the standard 1:250000 scale, people have fought battles on anything up to the much closer 1:25000 scale, battling it out for their own town or village! Here you can find out what maps other Ommers have played on, and which ones they especially enjoyed.


Britain, the home of Omming, features classic venues for OMMS. The original rules of OMMS used the eight Ordnance Survey Travel Maps, of which numbers 4 (North England) and 6(Wales) are good for newbies to OMMS, since they are fairly balanced maps.
For the adventurous among you, try map 2, the Scottish Isles, with the Ships Mod (outlined in the rules section. With three or four players this can become crazy!
You may wish to try the Landranger or Explorer maps, which have closer scales of 1:50000 and 1:25000. For the landranger maps, with slightly modified road rules (changing the definition of motorways etc.) Wales comes into its own, with classic battles taking place in map numbers 157 (try to push your oponnents back towards either Skomer or Ramsey Island), 114 (conquest for Anglesey) and 159 (Swansea is the key here).
One of the most popular maps at this scale is 196 - the Isle of Wight, with one player starting on the island and one on the mainland, or one on the island and two on the mainland, one each side of Southampton. But be careful - this game is likely to take its toll and last a good few hours! (you'll need to play with the Ships Mod for this map) All these maps can be found at the Ordnance Survey Map Shop.


Although the home of OMMS is Britain, Ommers around the world have adopted the game and tailored it to their own surroundings. Players in America have played with scales even further out than the 1:250000 of the original, due to the vastness of their country. Although we cannot supply map numbers, there are a number of highly recommended maps from our cousins across the ocean.
One of the most popular American maps is one that shows the great Salt Lake in Utah, and its surrounding geography, with up to five players on different sides, fighting for the security of the North-East and South-West strongholds.
For non-Ship games, Wisconsin is renowned as a fair, exciting map for OMMS.


Europe has seen some exciting OMMS battles! Italy and Sicily have provided classic, if lengthy, encounters. Germany, France and Spain provide good beginners' maps.

The rest of the world

South-east Australia can often provide some interesting battles, so long as the scale is right. Brazil provides some harsh games and has seen some of the biggest white-washes of opponents when they are pushed North-West towards the Amazonas.
There are so many exciting place where OMMS can be played! If you experience an especially noteworthy game, why not email us and tell us about it?

When using different scales of maps, especially if you are using a very close scale of a city, in which it is hard to define where settlements can be built, be careful not to be too liberal - OMMS is much more tactical if there are only certain well defined places on which settlements can be built. In the case of a city-plan, one of our recommendations is to only allow players to build settlements on roundabouts. This, suprisingly, makes for a very exciting tactical game!