OMMS - On Map Military Strategy

What is OMMS?

OMMS is the new military conquest boardgame which is spreading like wildfire inside and outside gaming communities! But what's so special about OMMS? You can't buy it in the shops, on the net, or on the black market!

It's a boardgame with a difference. The board is an everyday map. The counters are coins. The cards are standard playing cards.

It's a game that you already own! You just didn't realise!

Described by one die-hard gamer as "The best game since the trinity!" (The trinity being the three classic games: Risk, Settlers of Catan and Diplomacy), its popularity is spreading with hundreds of new players every week!

The game was invented in Coventry, England, by teenage genius Dave Beard, but has spread across Europe and also to the Americas, where exciting new games are played daily, as players battle to take over their state, county or even whole country! Players have simply adapted the game by using cents and dollars, euros and eurocents, instead of the classic pounds and pence as counters (still prefered by OMMS purists worldwide). OMMS has been fought out on all corners of the world - the only factor being the ability to find a suitable map!

Known in the gaming community as Ommers, players of the OMMS game are fanatical about it. And with good reason - it's simple, challenging and exciting.

So print off the rules, get that old map out, and give OMMS a go!